Whether at the clinic or on your farm we will provide a complete comprehensive examination of your animal to ensure a complete and accurate diagnosis.


Proper care for your animal also includes proper vaccination. We offer a full line of vaccinations in our clinic to meet your needs at anytime.


The veterinarians at Bear River Animal Hospital are proud to be able to provide our large animal clients the latest in veterinary surgical practice. We are able to perform many procedures, including the following:

  • Castrations
  • Wound or laceration repair
  • Labor and Delivery/C-sections
  • Hernia repair
  • Dentistry

We have hospital facilities at all locations for animals that need to stay in the hospital after surgery.


Routine dental care is essential to your horse’s health. Periodic examinations and regular maintenance, such as floating, are especially necessary.

At Bear River Animal Hospital we provide full service dental care for your horse. In order to do a complete oral exam your horse will need to be sedated. We can perform the following:

  • Manual teeth float
  • Power teeth float
  • Removal of wolf teeth
  • X-ray of abnormal/diseased teeth
  • Extraction of diseased teeth

Advanced Imaging

Radiographs of large animals are an amazing tool to aid in the diagnosis of feet and leg problems. The imaging process is completely painless and can be performed on calm and cooperative animals without sedation. We may administer a sedative in some cases for safe handling.

An ultrasound machine uses sound waves to penetrate the internal organs and creates an image that is displayed on a monitor. The procedure involves using a hand-held probe on the skin above the area being studied or rectally. Ultrasound simplifies the diagnoses of internal disease by providing us a clear view inside the patients heart, lungs, reproductive organs and other internal organs. Some of the common reasons to ultrasound are heart murmur, pneumonia, pregnancy, colic, and urinary bladder disease.

Bear River Animal Hospital maintains a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals and vitamins for large animals also. If you are looking for a specialty medical item that we do not carry, please let us know – perhaps we will be able to obtain it for you. All animals receiving medication must have a current veterinary-client-patient relationship. Some medications do require periodic blood tests. We will keep you informed if those are needed. To refill a prescription, please call our office at (435) 257-7455. We will have your pet’s prescription ready for pickup within 24 hours.