A comprehensive examination is the most important step you as an owner can take to ensure your pet’s well-being and long-term health. It is also key in prevention of disease or illness. The information we gather at the initial examination becomes part of your pet’s permanent medical history. This data establishes a baseline against which any subsequent changes in clinical signs and symptoms can be assessed. Every complete examination includes evaluating your pet’s legs, feet, joints, muscles, organs, and lymph nodes. In addition, we will examine the following areas:

  • Ears–inside and out for parasites, abnormalities, and hearing
  • Eyes–inside and out for visual acuity, abnormalities, and related health issues
  • Mouth–teeth, gums, tongue, and palate and for abnormalities and health issues
  • Heart and lungs–for early signs of disease or age-related deterioration
  • Reproductive organs–for developmental abnormalities and related health issues
  • Skin and coat–for general health, abnormalities, and signs of infection or disease
  • Vital statistics–temperature, pulse, heart, respiration, and body weight

We recommend your pet receive a yearly physical examination, the equivalent of a human being going to the doctor once every three years.